Does Your Commute Take You Over Ontario’s Worst Roads?

Potholes, construction, and congestion are three major gripes of the Ontario driver. As your local mechanic in Mississauga, Veerpreet technicians have heard it all — from potholes so large they’re practically sinkholes to construction that narrows down a major artery to a single lane. There are a lot of roads out there that can turn a regular commute into a nightmare. The question is: which one is the worst? The CAA has answered it with a popularity contest no one wants to win.

The CAA held its annual Worst Roads campaign March 20 to April 13, during which more than 3,5000 roads were nominated. Most roads were nominated by fed-up drivers just like you, but nearly 20 percent of votes came from cyclists and pedestrians.

By the end of it all, CAA tallied the votes to create the top 10 list of worst roads in South-Central Ontario. If you’ve followed the CAA’s Worst Roads campaign before, you’ll notice there are repeat offenders on the list below.

Rank Road Name City
1 Burlington Street East Hamilton
2 County Road 49 Prince Edward County
3 Ducksworth Street Barrie
4 Avondale Road Belleville
5 Eglinton Avenue West Toronto
6 Drummond Road Niagara Fall
7 Dufferin Street Toronto
8 McLeod Road Niagara Falls
9 Pelham Road St. Catharines
10 Lockhart Road Innisfil


This details just the top 10 worst roads in South-Central Ontario cities. For the full list of culprits, check out the CAA’s breakdown of regional roads.

Many of the streets on these lists earned their spot because of massive potholes. This issue is inevitable with any well-travelled road, as potholes are the normal product of time, traffic, and weather conditions.

At first, freshly paved roads are resistant to moisture, and they’re curved to encourage effective drainage away from the driving surface. Over time, traffic wears down its moisture-resistant barrier and the road’s gentle slope, allowing standing water to penetrate the pavement.

The real damage starts during late winter or early spring when temperatures fluctuate during the days and nights. This causes the water trapped in the pavement to expand and contract in a relatively short amount of time. Eventually, this process damages its integrity as a solid surface. Traffic can wear down the most vulnerable parts to form a pothole.

Depending on their size, potholes can be more than a minor irritation that causes you to spill your coffee. Large potholes can cause serious damage to your vehicle, including:


  • Suspension issues: It doesn’t matter if your car’s only a few months old or if you’ve been driving it for a decade; you know how it handles. You’ll notice right away if driving over a pothole has affected its handling. You’ll notice it in the small details, like when your wheel feels off-centre or hard to control. If you ever notice your vehicle is handling differently, you should schedule a visit to have your suspension and wheel alignment checked. A pothole could cause issues with your suspension, but an inspection can fix it quickly.
  • Fluid leaks: If a pothole is deep enough, it can scrape your undercarriage and cause fluid leaks. In the past, we’ve discussed the importance of regular oil changes, but it’s not the only fluid you need to check. Your car relies on a lot of fluids to run well, from motor oil to transmission fluid to brake fluid. If you suspect your car is leaking any of these vital fluids, you should schedule a visit with us, the best oil changers Mississauga has to offer. Trained technicians can perform a quick and reliable inspection of your undercarriage to see if and where there’s a leak.
  • Tire damage: Perhaps the most well-known side-effect of potholes is damage to tires. There’s no mistaking a flat tire, but the damage done isn’t always as obvious. A deep or sharp-edged pothole can damage your tire’s inner lining or rims. These issues may not result in an immediate flat but could cause a blowout later on if you continue to drive on them. If you ever suspect there’s something wrong with your tires, don’t delay in coming by our service centre. In Mississauga tires are our specialty, and we complete quick tire inspections 24/7.


There’s no reason to panic every time you drive over a pothole. It’s an inevitable part of driving in the GTA. It’s only after driving over the largest ones that you should perform a quick visual inspection of your car and consider how it’s driving. If you notice any of the issues outlined above, you shouldn’t delay in dropping by our service centre. Whether it’s an unusual smell or fluid leaking from your vehicle, you’ll find no better transmission repair services in Brampton or Mississauga.

At last count, the City of Mississauga and Brampton have corrected more than 2,450 potholes. While the crew at Veerpreet can’t do anything to help them fills these holes faster, we can help you protect your car against the GTA’s worst roads — whether they were officially recognized by the CAA or not. As the top auto repair Mississauga and Brampton have to offer, we can identify and repair any issue affecting your vehicle, so get in touch today!