Two Things The Summer Heat Does To Your Vehicle

Much like bumper-to-bumper traffic going north up to cottage country and fireworks over Lake Ontario for Canada Day celebrations, you can expect certain things once the summer heat arrives in the GTA. Your local corner store will experience a chronic freezie shortage. Your neighbourhood will hum with the sounds of air conditioners working hard. And you’ll think up inventive ways to get around the region’s water ban.

The sizzling temperatures also have an impact on your vehicle. Though the effects of the summer’s heat on your car may not be as predictable as the CNE’s annual schedule, they happen nonetheless. Let the crew at Veerpreet, your local auto repair services in Mississauga, help you discover the less obvious effects of summer. When you know how your car reacts to the heat, you’ll be better prepared for another season of safe driving.

It degrades your oil faster

In the middle of July, ice cream melts, condensation beads on your glass of ice water, and your car’s motor oil changes viscosity. Extreme temperatures have their unique effects on your engine. Colder weather thickens this lubricant, which may impede the oil’s ability to flow through your engine. Hotter weather thins it, which may reduce its ability to lubricate and prevent friction.

Motorists used to have to compensate for seasonal weather by switching oil grades designed to handle cold or hot temperatures. Now there are multi-viscosity oils that perform well in a broader range of temperatures. Even with the right grade of motor oil, the heat degrades this lubricant. According to the Arrhenius Rate Rule, oil degrades twice as fast for every 10°C increase in temperature. Higher temperatures also increase the rate of oxidation, breaking down the oil so it’s less likely to prevent corrosion, friction, and sediment build-up.

It’s a good idea to change your oil regularly in the summer. If you aren’t sure which oil you should be using for the season or your vehicle, speak to one of our technicians. They make up a crew of expert oil changers Brampton motorists can trust. When you schedule a synthetic oil change in Brampton, you can expect fast and reliable service.

It affects your tire pressure

The air inside your tire shares an important relationship with the temperatures outside of it. When the mercury plummets, your air pressure drops. When temperatures climb, your tires’ pressure rises, too.

In general, your tires lose or gain 1 PSI (Pound per Square Inch) for every 5.5°C or 10°F change in temperature. Though the GTA experiences a steady heat throughout the summer days, it’s not unusual for the temperature to drop significantly during the evenings. When the gap between the day’s high and the night’s low widens, the effect the temperature will have on your tire pressure increases.

Proper tire pressure is essential for your driving safety. It maximizes the surface area of the tire that comes into contact with the road without compromising your handling or tire’s condition. This results in a better drive with increased response time. The correct PSI is also a valuable factor in your vehicle’s fuel economy. Underinflated tires will increase gas consumption.

Most tires are designed to accommodate these fluctuations in temperature and PSI. You don’t have to check your pressure constantly throughout the day, but it is a good idea to check your tires once a month.

Checking your tires have the correct pressure as recommended by the vehicle and tire manufacturers is easy; you can do it without the help of a professional as long as you have an air pressure gauge and access to an air pump.

Despite the temperature’s effect on your tires’ air pressure, it shouldn’t be a challenge to maintain properly inflated tires. If you notice your pressure drops drastically, it may mean you need new tires. As the best tire shop Mississauga has to offer, we only offer tires Mississauga motorists need — with all the brands you’ve come to expect.

Give us a call when you need help with your tires, oil, or something else entirely. One of our technicians will be happy to help you find the right tires or replace your oil. They’re also ready to perform a full diagnostic check of your vehicle to make sure it’s in perfect condition this summer.

The season puts a lot of pressure on your vehicle as it drives through heat wave after heat wave. Be mindful of the temperature.  Whether you’re planning a summer road trip or just a trip to the grocery store, make sure your vehicle is ready for the weather.