Summer Vehicle Safety Is Paramount In Southern Ontario

The sun is shining here in the GTA, and — with our hands knocking wood — the crew at Veerpreet hope it stays that way. Unlike Newfoundland, the recipient of an unusually cruel snowfall at the end of May, Brampton and Mississauga has had mostly clear skies, so it’s likely that summer is going to stick around. June 21 marks the official start of the season, meaning we have more intense sun, hotter temperatures, and more humidity in the future.

Safe in your cars, you’ll have your AC blasting as you drive to our service centre for the best oil change Mississauga has to offer any time the temps go above 25°C. However, your vehicle isn’t always the icy cool haven protecting you from the heat. Left in the sun with the engine off, the inside of your car can reach temperatures that aren’t just uncomfortable, they’re dangerous — especially for young children and pets.

In light of the most recent tragedy involving a Burlington toddler who died of heat exposure, the crew at Veerpreet wants to remind our readers to stay safe this summer. Let’s take a look at some facts about the summer conditions in your vehicle, so you can enjoy the season without worry.

A cracked window isn’t enough

This may be Canada, but Southern Ontario experiences hot temperatures in the summer; the temperature inside your parked car in Brampton can be twice as hot as the temperatures outside. If you think 30°C is hot when you’re outside in the shade enjoying the breeze, imagine how hot 60°C degrees will be when you’re stuck in a stagnant car without any protection from the sun.

The glass of your windows acts like a greenhouse, accelerating the rise in temperatures. GM Motors of Canada crunched the numbers. A previously air-conditioned car left in the sun for 20 minutes on a 35°C day would reach 50°C. After another 20 minutes, it would climb to 65.5°C.

Everyone is at risk

While there are no statistics available for Canada, the US averages 37 heat-related child deaths every year. Small children and pets are at a greater risk when exposed to these temperatures because of their size. Experts say their core temperatures rise three to five times faster than that of an adult. However, no one is safe in these conditions. Anyone whose temperature reaches 40.5°C risks hyperthermia or heatstroke.

But prevention is easy as your car’s maintenance

When your Prius’ muffler is making sounds like it has a muscle car’s V8 engine, you know to call us right away. As the best muffler shop Brampton has to offer, our expertly trained mechanics can fix any issue affecting your vehicle’s exhaust system. Once you book an appointment, you’ll find a solution to your problems quickly at the muffler shop Brampton drivers trust. It’s just that easy.

Preventing heat-related tragedies can be just as simple. If you’re worried you might leave children or pets unsupervised in a vehicle this summer due to absent-mindedness, try leaving your wallet or bag in the backseat at the start of every trip. This placement will force you to turn back towards your backseat any time you leave your vehicle.

You also have a responsibility as a good Samaritan. The Canada Safety Council urges you to call 9-1-1 should you come across a child or pet left in a parked car this summer.

The summer may be a fleeting thing in Southern Ontario, but the season makes up for it by baking the area in incredibly high temperatures and humidity levels. Be sure you’re prepared for the heat. Bring your children inside when you leave your car and leave your pets at home whenever you need to run to the store.

Staying safe is easy when you know what’s at stake. Remember these tips as you book our transmissions services this season. Together, we can make sure everyone enjoys the heat safely this summer.