The Easiest Summer Car Maintenance Checklist

If you’re a gearhead who loves the open road, then your favourite time of year has arrived. The weather is finally cooperating with your need to open the throttle and chew up some asphalt — once you escape GTA traffic, of course. People just like you are planning their summers around the road. Whether you’re off to the family cottage or a far-off provincial park, a road trip is a perfect way to spend your holidays. Just make sure your car is up for the task by checking with our summertime car maintenance checklist.

  1. Check your coolant

Your coolant system will be in overdrive this summer as it goes head to head with the summer’s hottest temperatures. Thanks to global warming, you can expect these temps to keep climbing each year. You can improve your vehicle’s ability to drive no matter how high the mercury gets by making sure your coolant is up to the appropriate levels. This prevents your engine from overheating while protecting it from corrosion and friction.

Don’t worry if you’ve never changed your coolant. As your trusted car mechanic in Mississauga, we have you covered, from bumper to bumper. We can test your coolant levels and flush your radiator while we inspect your coolant system.

  1. Change your oil

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you know we’re huge proponents of regular oil changes — and not just because we’re the best oil changers Mississauga and Brampton have to offer. Like the coolant fluid, the oil in your car plays an important role in your car’s performance. It keeps your engine clean, it lubricates its moving parts, and it removes excess heat from the engine.

  1. Check your exhaust system

Nobody likes sitting in a thick cloud of car exhaust during a commute, so why would you let your exhaust pipe belch out dark smoke every time you turn the key? If you’re experiencing issues with your muffler or exhaust, make an appointment with the best muffler shop Brampton has to offer. Don’t worry if something comes up while on the road. As a top-rated exhaust shop in Brampton, our service centre is open 24/7 exactly for this reason. One of our skilled mechanics can help you in case of an emergency.

  1. Test your AC

Though it’s not essential to a road trip, working air conditioning is a perk. It means the difference between driving in comfort and driving while you drown in sweat. Make sure your AC is ready for the summer’s heat by paying close attention to this system.

  1. Inspect your tires

Hopefully, you’ve had your tires serviced recently, considering how close we are to the seasonal changeover. If, however, you drove throughout the winter on all season tires, we recommend you come in for an inspection and wheel alignment. Since we double as a tire shop Mississauga motorist trust, you can expect all the top brand-name tires for an affordable price.

  1. Service your brakes

The winter can be harsh on this vital system, so make sure your brakes are in tip-top shape. If you’ve noticed your brakes are slow to respond, you can expect quick brake repairs in Mississauga when you swing by our service centre.

  1. Check any specific issues

While the above five tips work for any motorist, regardless of what kind of vehicle you drive, this one addresses any specific issues your particular make and model faces. Take, for example, the Chevy Cruze’s rocker value issues; it’s a common reason why Cruze drivers make an appointment with our mechanics. Every vehicle has unique problems.  If you aren’t sure what issues your vehicle is most likely to have trouble with, your mechanic can let you know what warning signs you should look out for.

The summer is an amazing time for drivers as they take to the highways under bright blue skies. Make sure your car is up for the ride wherever the season takes you by giving us a call. As the best auto repair Mississauga has to offer, we can help you prepare your car for a fun, hassle-free road trip.