3 Easy Ways You Can Check Your Car’s Ready For A Busy August

Between the Civic Holiday and the Labour Day Weekend, there’s a lot packed into the dog days of summer. August ends up being a month when the average person scrambles to get the most of what remains of the season. It doesn’t matter if you hope to escape to the lake or if you want to stick around homegrown fun at the CNE; your car is often an integral part of these plans.

Even if you treat your vehicle well, the added wear and tear during the hottest days of the year isn’t kind to your car. The end of the season is a popular time for drivers to check in with their vehicles as a result. Before you take advantage of our quick and reliable auto repairs in Mississauga and Brampton, you should check in with this list of late-summer reminders. These tips can keep your vehicle in its best shape until your next tune-up.

Check your oil

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times. Motor oil is an important lubricating fluid that makes sure your vehicle is running at its peak performance. Over time, this oil becomes sludgy as it’s work through your engine. It also collects debris and other sediments in your engine that can reduce its overall value.

In the summer, when gruelling hot temperatures challenge your vehicle, you need to make sure your oil is capable of keeping it cool. You can check the condition of this oil by using your dipstick to check for grit, texture, colour, and smell. If there are obvious signs of grime, discoloration, or odour, it’s time to change it.

Have your brakes inspected

One of the worst things about living in the GTA is trying to leave it on the Friday before a long weekend. It used to be you could avoid some traffic by cutting out of work early, but there’s no good time for those cottage-bound drivers anymore. Side streets fill up and the major highways experience gridlock as early as 11 o’clock in the morning.

If the stop-and-go traffic on the way to cottage country is a normal part of your long weekend commute, you’ll want to have your brakes inspected this August. These driving conditions can prematurely wear out your brake pads and greatly diminish your braking abilities.

The signs you need to have your brakes checked are obvious. If you hear high-pitched screeching or grinding noises when you brake or if your car is slow to brake, you should come by our service centre. The crew at Veerpreet offers the fastest and most reliable brake repair Brampton has to offer. After a quick inspection, we can determine if you need new brake fluid or a change in brake pads and rotors. Having your brakes regularly serviced is a great way to reduce the stress driving puts on your vehicle, so don’t delay this important check-up.

Listen for an exhaust leak

While some leaks can result in an oil stain on your driveway, the signs of an exhaust leak present in less visual ways. When in working order, your muffler does what it sounds like. It dampens the noise your engine and exhaust system creates when you’re driving. When there’s an exhaust leak, it doesn’t do its job properly and your ride gets noisy. You’ll notice right away if there’s a loud rumbling sound as you drive, and you might even hear a rattling noise while you’re vehicle idles.

At any time your car makes unusual noises, it’s best to stop by our muffler shop in Brampton. Each of our mechanics performs the best auto repair Brampton has to offer, so they can tackle any exhaust repair quickly and skillfully. It’s part of our service centre’s commitment to handling all your vehicle’s repairs, from bumper to bumper.

It doesn’t matter if you’re squeezing in one last camping trip or you’re planning short day trips this August. If these plans rely on your car, you need to make sure it’s ready for the dog days of summer. The last of the season puts a lot of pressure on your car, so we urge you to take stock of your vehicle any time you take a trip. And remember, we’re open 24/7 in case you need last-minute repairs.